Members of Vashon Island Chorale, whose musical skill levels range from dedicated amateur to professional, share a passion for choral music and the desire to work hard and have a good time. Membership is open to everyone over the age of 16. Some choral experience, such as the ability to sight-read music is helpful, though not required. The group varies in size between 70 and 90 men and women. Some limitations exist in the size of each vocal section (soprano, alto, tenor, bass).

Dues for each session average approximately $90 and include the purchase of music. Singers who already own their own copy of any music being sung may pay a reduced amount. Scholarships are also available for singers who require financial assistance. Please contact Karen Baer for more information.

If you are undecided about whether to join the Chorale, you may borrow music for the first two rehearsals. After that, either pay for the music or return it (unmarked) to Karen.

Members should make every attempt to be on time to rehearsals and concert calls. On average, it seems that every member misses two rehearsals during the session. If it is unavoidable that you must miss more, communicate that to your section leader. People missing any of the last three rehearsals pre-concert should discuss that fact with the Artistic Director. Most rehearsals are at the Vashon Presbyterian Church. Concerts are performed at Katherine L White Hall at Vashon Center for the Arts.

Members must work on learning their part by getting information from the section leader if absent, attending any scheduled sectional rehearsals, listening to the practice CD (if provided) and/or using the available midi files.

Members must stay current with email messages and the information posted on the Chorale website.

Members should know the dates of all rehearsals and concerts.

Members should communicate with their section leaders who serve as liaisons to the board members and Artistic Director.

Members should promote concert ticket sales!

At Rehearsals

  • Use good judgment about attending if you are ill or contagious.
  • No children are allowed.
  • Avoid fragrances or offensive odors.
  • Use the website's online suggestion form when needed.
  • Refrain from talking and from singing another section's part while they are rehearsing it.
  • Always bring a pencil and use only pencil to mark scores.
  • Write your name on your scores.
  • Silence cell phones.
  • Watch the conductor!

Concert Dress
Concert dress is all black.

Women: Dresses, skirts or pants. Sleeves should be at least 3/4-length and skirts at least mid-calf length. Shoes should be black; jewelry should be understated.

Men: Black long sleeve shirt, buttoned dress shirt with collar and black slacks. Ties are not required.

Black music folders will be used at the concerts

For further membership information, please contact

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The Vashon Island Chorale engages, enriches, and unites
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